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From the small town of Easley, South Carolina, Tim Riehm grew up in a suburban neighborhood about five minutes from Easley’s only major road – Highway 123 – and until college, he stayed there.  Only towards the end of his high school education did he begin writing songs, playing guitar, and looking at music as a cathartic experience, but even still songs were written and left to gather dust.  Finally, persistent friends put him in front of an audience, and he instantly fell in love. Soon to follow in his four years at Clemson University were coffeehouses, festivals, and functions, but the artist felt limited by an audience who only cared for covers:

“It’s not that original music wasn’t welcome, but let’s just say students typically like to sing along to their favorite song instead of listening to something they’ve never heard before.”

Nevertheless, Riehm continued to develop his original sound and eventually got the opportunity to record an EP through the university, and after long hours in the studio, The Weight came into being. He not only marks this album as the beginning of his career as a creative, but also as the moment when he knew what the next few years would entail: music, songwriting, and Nashville, Tennessee.

With his roots in the South, one might have expected the musician to be brought up on homegrown country twang, marked by vivid lyricism and colloquial language, but his influences stem from a different source. Surely, one can find both of these aspects in the artist’s music, but instead of country superstars, Tim points to pop rock greats of his childhood and teenage years as his biggest idols, with John Mayer, Counting Crows, and Maroon 5 topping the list of stylistic impact. At its core, Riehm’s art offers the sincerity of a singer-songwriter on a canvas of rhythmic and moving backbeats. Characterized by his smooth and inflective vocals, the singer hopes to provide a depth-of-emotion over energizing melodies that reflect his pop rock foundation. Whether it’s the upbeat island vibe of “Rollin’ Away,” or the acoustic narrative vein of “Sofi,” Tim touches on a variety of musical nuances in The Weight, while maintaining his vision of music as a means of connection.

            With his first project one year behind him, Riehm is currently working towards another small album in which he claims:

“I was able to narrow my style into something uniquely ‘Tim Riehm.’ While The Weight acted as a bit of experimentation into different genres, my next EP will illustrate a year of stylistic refinement – as sort of a symbol of my evolution as both a songwriter and a musician.”

Now a recent graduate of Clemson University and a permanent resident of Nashville, Tennessee, the artist enters Music City intent on pursuing the career of a professional musician. Here, he plans to take advantage of his talents as a songwriter while also devoting himself to the creation and promotion of his original music.

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